Web Design

We create clean looking sites that are both professional looking and responsive. Meaning they’ll be visible and functional on most internet capable devices. The theme of the site will help promote your company’s brand

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Content Managment

Our websites are setup so its easier for you to manage your content. We think you’ll be happy with the options available to you. However, if you would like to take a more hands off approach that’s fine to. We can always take care of managing your site for you. Check out our services page for more details.

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Website Hosting & Registration

There are many options available to you when it comes to hosting your new website. We can help you get setup with your own provider or we can host your site as part of the services we offer at no additional cost. Please see you services page for more details.

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“Helping businesses get online at an affordable price”

Capital City Web Designs will help you or your small business get setup with a clean, user friendly website at a very competitive price. We want to help take the stress and inconvenience out of setting up a website, so that is why we focus on getting small businesses online quickly with minimal hassle. Let us help you reach more of your customers and build an online identify for your business.

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